What is SalesGoose?

SalesGoose is a purpose-driven company focused on people, processes and profits.  SalesGoose has established a set of core operating principles that will continue to be the basis of our decision-making criteria, which includes:

  • Serving customers with excellence
  • Managing assets with diligence
  • Building team members with care 
  • Adding value to our community

What is a Request for Time (RFT)?

A Request for Time is a configurable form that an individual completes and submits to another person with the goal of securing an in-person, teleconference, or web-conference meeting.  

What are the buyers rules of engagement?

The rules of engagement are a set of preferences selected by a buyer for the purpose of standardizing how, and what, information is required to successfully submit an RFT for their review.

As a buyer, how do I know which preference to select  (e.g. – Closed or Filtered)?

By selecting 'Closed' as your preference, you will not receive any RFTs initiated as SalesGoose will inform sellers that you are not accepting any RFTs at this time.  

​By selecting 'Filtered' as your preference, you will be able to receive, review, and respond to all RFTs submitted to you based on the filtering criteria you set under your Preferences.

May I change my preferences at a later time?

Yes, you may change your preferences any time under Settings after you sign in.

Do I need to pay for SalesGoose?

The initial release of SalesGoose will be offered at no-cost to both buyers and sellers. 

When can I begin using SalesGoose?

Now! SalesGoose has released its MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) - just sign up to begin defending your time.

How do I contact SalesGoose?

You may visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to submit a message or email us directly via WhatTheFlock@salesgoose.com with any questions, suggestions, or recommendations.

CALL US  603.397.5772